Forum generation

Forum generation


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Hello experts,

I want to have a forum, with the following function:


The page with number 8 explains the insert formular. A new instrument or part can be added by a selection of the menu. The selection new in the menu bar makes a textfield visible and a new entry which appears later in the menu bar can be performed. The peoperties and the physical scale are normal textfields. The physical is a number textfield. All the fields should be obligatory.

Number 1-3 are several subdomains to search the entry data.
Number 4 shows the deatailed few of one entry in number 3 and allows to command the entry. Each command should sent a massmail to the people who checked this interesst area (instrument) at the point 5.

Inserts can be done if the user is logged in. Selects requests from number 1-4 can even be performed from non logged in usern.

For the points 5-8 a login is required.

Kind regards,
Christoph Schweighofer

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