firefox plugin

firefox plugin


Job Description

want a firefox plugin or similar that simply open 4 tabs in firefox and in each tab it will load a specpfic url. I another 4 tabs - and in these 4 other tabs - then it also loads urls and show them as a 9 large thumbnails.

App also have a search field so can search for other domains in the input data (sqlite database).
Also, plugin needs to have ability to get input from a text file. The text file only contains in which order that the domain urls gets
loaded into into the browser (so that UTF-8 text input file file
has a url string/part of url and then that string is being matched
to the database and that again determines which info to load into the 4 tabs.

plugin must also have buttons: Previous | Next Search ___________________

In addition then it must be userdefined from 1-9 of how many of the urls from the text file that plugin has to "trigger" in the database
and thereby makign firefox start downlaoding and caching those 4 sets
of data per each of the 1-9 domains that plugin pre-loads into cache.
Ability to userdefine how many of the next lines of domains sets in the text file that app must
open hidden in browser also so it caches these pages in advance.