Theme Development for NCAA Bracket WordPress Plugin

Theme Development for NCAA Bracket WordPress Plugin


Job Description

We need multiple WordPress 3.5 Themes developed for our upcoming NCAA Tournament Bracket WordPress Plugin (BracketPress). These will be offered for resell to our customers.

The target market is for Sports Bars, so a college basketball / sports motif would be great. Other niche ideas include basketball combined with just about anything else: restaurants, real-estate, specific team colors / themes, (University of Kentucky, University of Louisville - other popular teams in the tournament, etc - but don't violate copyright), office workers, basically anyone who wants to increase engagement with their clients.

The "settings" should use the new WordPress 3.5 theme settings system, and be easy to use.

The themes need to be responsive and allow full browser width, so that the bracket can fit easily in the main area, expanding as needed.

HTML5 preferred. Looking great in iPad / Tablet PC's would be awesome.

All images and CSS used must be fully licensed for resale by us, and the themes themselves must be compatible with the WordPress Theme directory.

The budget here is a little flexible. For example, we can pay a little more for a theme with multiple colors or styles and licensing great images, a little less would allow us to purchase more themes.

The ultimate theme would allow people to express their own team colors and have a definate basketball / sports feel.

This project may have multiple hires and be left open until the the tournament begins.

When replying, please include:

- your concept for the theme(s)
- estimated completion time (number of days / weeks from project start)
- estimated cost
- the word BracketPress in the first sentence.

Please Note: Not following directions will mean we won't read your proposal and we may both miss out, so please do include all 4 elements: the word BracketPress, estimated time and costs, and your concept - plus any other questions / concerns you may have.

Thank you, and good luck with your bidding!

Skills: ipad, sports