Marketing & Program Administrator

Marketing & Program Administrator


Job Description

The Collaborative Operating System is a revolutionary way of working offering an alternative to the hierarchical default approach to working and organizing peoples. Learn more at

The Collaborative Operating System is looking for a team member to take on the part-time role of marketing administrator. This person would be an equal member of the COS Core Team, coordinating, organizing, and strategizing on the most efficient and effective administrative and operational processes for the team. We expect the role to be 50% marketing, 50% training program administration.

Preferred Experience and Qualifications
Email marketing experience
Knows social media: facebook, twitter, google+ and linkedin
Familiar with Google docs, google apps a plus
Familiar with e-junkie's shopping cart service
Highly responsive
Superbly organized
Tech-savvy, troubleshoots technical issues with ease
Wants to be part of a high-functioning team
College degree

Skills: linkedin, twitter, facebook, marketing