Data Entry Tool

Data Entry Tool


Job Description

I want built a desktop application that allows users to input several pieces of data. Some of the entry boxes will have a dropdown menu, and some will have multiple choice options via checkboxes or radio buttons.

Once the data is entered, a progress bar indicates sucessfull submission.

The data is then sent to an email address. That is all the application does, user inputs data, hits submit, and the data gets sent to an email. It does not use the users email to send from. If there is another way to transmit the data to me instead of email, please let me know what would be best.

I would like a nice looking GUI. I should also be able to push updates to the application.

I would like to control access to it by a licensing system. Users would also have to buy and use credits to submit.

Please only bid if you have experience with something like this.

Skills: .net, visual-basic