WPF GIS/Dynamic Form & Data Creation

WPF GIS/Dynamic Form & Data Creation


Job Description

I need someone who is an EXPERT into two different items in WPF:

1) Displaying Shapefiles and MrSID files in a GIS viewer in WPF. Trying to avoid buying the ArcEngine tools. I see some free open source WPF controls. Would considering buying something like Telerik map if that would work.

2) Dynamic create data entry forms that also dynamically update the ORM and database. So the user starts out in design view. They can either use existing fields or add new fields to the ORM (Linq to SQL, EF, or whatever would work). Then they drag these fields onto a canvas and position and save that as a new form. This form is now available to them to do data entry with, which is fully databound. What makes it a little tricky is the user might make three forms. If the user selects a record on one form to update and the other two forms as children of that record, they are automatically updated to that record. Updating the ORM and database is a little tricky too, since I don't think LINQ to SQL or EF allow you to change Model at runtime. Telerik Open Access seems to.

But please, I need someone who can do these very well with little learning. Time sensitive project so I need results right away. This is not a fulltime job right away so I will have work amounts changing day to day. So no fixed bids.

Skills: design