Long-Term Advanced PHP (Wordpress) Programmer Needed

Long-Term Advanced PHP (Wordpress) Programmer Needed


Job Description

Hi Guys,

Looking for Long-Term Programmers on a Wordpress-based platform. Please refer to the qualifications below:

1. We need people that are dependable, hard-working, and will care about what we do, as well as what they do.
2. Be in it for the long-haul - if you're quality we're going to want to keep you forever.
3. Have high test scores. We're not going to even consider people with low scores on design-related themes.
4. Don't be a fortune - we're targeting mostly non-Westerners because we simply don't have the budget to use high-cost guys on a continuous basis.
5. Write "apple" as the opening word of the application so I'll know you read this.
6. Make sure you're prepared to take a free, short test
7. Send direct links to your work online.
8. Make sure you're ADVANCED in PHP

Thanks guys!