Web Services - App Developer

Web Services - App Developer


Job Description

I need someone who can work with me on a unique product prototype that will start as a Salesforce.com application to be sold on the App Exchange (http://appexchange.salesforce.com). It will be a mash-up of the following components and their respective APIs:

• Chatter (http://wiki.developerforce.com/page/Chatter_API)
• YouTube (https://developers.google.com/youtube/)
• Google Drive (https://developers.google.com/drive/)

And be built atop Heroku (http://www.heroku.com) with the UI based on JavaScript MVC leveraging JQuery as the core UI library. This job has some unique requirements:

1) Candidates must be located in the western hemisphere - This is because development will require a high conversational component due to its prototype nature
2) Candidates must be willing to take the prototype to finished product if the results merit such an investment - This means this could be a long-term opportunity

More information on the architecture and product will be given upon selection.

Skills: salesforce.com, youtube, mvc

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