Web Developer for VOIP application

Web Developer for VOIP application


Job Description

We're looking for a Web Developer to help us build a interface to manage our VOIP phones.


The interface will be consist of two pages.

Page 1 --- Adding new phones to database

Allow user enter MAC address, Manufacture, Model of phones and add to database via the page. When the MAC address entered, option for Manufacture and model will automatically updated according to *OUI database. The user should be able to enter multiple phone at a time.

Since for same model of phones (especially in same shipment) the MAC addresses are almost same, so the web page should be designed to reduce the workload of the user.

It should also check for potential errors like invalid MAC address or any duplicate entries existed in the database. If so it should warn the user peacefully.

Before updating the data to the database, it should allow user to confirm & then submit.

Page 2 --- Manage existing phones

Shows a list of all the existing phones. Ability to change the format of view (like sorting, paging)

Allow user to locate a VOIP phone using filters. Result should be immediately updated.

Allow user to edit/remove the entries.

Allow user to link the phone to different company/person/phone number and submit data to our server via HTTP POST.


1. The developer should be good at design clean, intuitive interactive web pages.
2. Should be proficient in PHP, Javascript, Ajax, HTML.
3. Fluent in communicating in English.

How-to Apply:

Please send me your resume and cover letter along with samples of your work. In the cover letter, please include:

1. Your relevant experience for this project
2. Your proficiency with English
3. What the best ways to contact you are

About company:
We're a VOIP service provider located in New York.

* Reference for OUI

Skills: voip, design, english