Developer Wanted

Developer Wanted


Job Description

I am looking for a developer in the Toronto (GTA) area only that I can meet personally and work with through odesk, for my start up company. All work paid will be done on a as needs and per project basis. All jobs assigned will be paid individually. This job has great benefits as it has lots of earning potential as we grow.

Development at our new start up company involves the process life cycle and creation of the software aimed at helping users effectively utilizes our software. Develops work closely with graphic designers, system administrators, and engineers to help develop our products to these specification. Developers will also involve in testing, debugging and troubleshooting the application once it has been released.

• Development of our products for both internal as well as external use, using the latest technologies and processes.
• Integration on 3rd party products with our current product, manipulating or creating an interface that is consistent with the look and feel of the rest of our products.
• Update, upgrade, or maintain our technologies fixing broken functionality, adjusting to fit new business requirements or enhancing a current product with new features or enhancing a current product with new features or enabling it to perform at a greater level of efficiency.
• Test and debug applications in various stages of their product lifestyle for the purposes of diagnosing a current issue or ensuring that a product works within a specific environment.
• Write and maintain documentation to describe the software being written via comments in code that are clear, thorough, and follow set standards.
• Write processes to be followed by other developers or by system administrators that the purpose of setting up the environment necessary for the software being constructed.
• Write or contribute to instructions or manuals to guide end users.

Educational Qualifications and experience required by the individual is four year degree in computer science with one to three years of experience.

Skills: windows-7, linux, apache, mvc