Domain blocked? Malware and Facebook issues!

Domain blocked? Malware and Facebook issues!


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I had an old site and it was a forum - but it got spammed so I closed it.

Now I plan to reopen it but I'm facing some strange issues!

1. Although we've entered the correct Facebook og tags - when we share on Facebook they don't populate and the dubugger tool brings up errors for no reason?

We can share the site in a post and it doesn't flag it but no into is posted.

2. Someone on another forum said

"When I visit your url Trend Micro blocks your page and says it has been involved in a fraud or scam. That's a shame as it will stop people from going to your website. I disabled my Trend Micro and looked at the source code for your page. The og tags are in the page code and appear to be as they should be.

So something definitely isn't right because they are not coming up on the url linter."

I'm not sure if its something to do with the site being blocked? blacklisted or maybe a htaccess issue?

Either way I need the site unblocked and so that we can share on Facbeook and it isn't flagged by malware warning.

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