iPhone App Component Dev

iPhone App Component Dev


Job Description

We're looking for an objective-c developer to build working native components for our iPhone app.

We will be doing the design and final production in Xcode ourselves, but need a few functional components to be built to assist our development.

Our application will include a playlist of youtube videos. We need a media player component built, which can continue playing the audio of the youtube video playlist while the app is in the background.

We require a sample application to demonstrate playing youtube videos from a playlist in the background. While in the background, the app should also connect the iOS audio controls to pause, skip the current track, and display it's cover art on the lock screen.

This functionality can be seen in existing apps such as AutoTube.

This lib should allow playing youtube native rather than using youtube's embed code. https://github.com/hellozimi/HCYoutubeParser

We do not require you to do anything with the playlist data, other than use a random set of a dozen youtube videos for the sample app.

This working proof of concept is all that we need for the app media player component to begin. Then we will have more work to extend the media player and other native components, while we design the web components in-house.

Please let me know what you think about this job. I'm looking forward to your help in building these functional pieces of our fun app!