IPhone Tracking App developer

IPhone Tracking App developer


Job Description

I need a iOS programmer to develop a Mobile App similar to "YourTracks".

Basically the application is all about capturing the location data out of Mobile GPS and send it to GPSGATE server through Mobile network.
GPSGATE is a third-party service that allows its clients to store,manage and view their fleets data. The message protocol has been supplied by the GPSGATE, stating what packet to send and when.

The app should be assisted by service, so that even if the application would not currently active on the screen, it should be able to capture and send the
location data.

To work on this project you should have previous experience in:
- Creating Mobile Services
- Threading
- Socket Programming

This is the first phase of the project so we need someone who can maintain and enhance this App in future.

Please apply only if you have all above mentioned skills.



Skills: gps