WOW! A fun App for tracking financial Data - Apple Mac OSX App Store App

WOW! A fun App for tracking financial Data - Apple Mac OSX App Store App


Job Description

We are looking for a qualified developer who has some free time this holiday season to create a mac application for us that will track financial data from multiple websites, using their API.

It will be a way to track personal assets, profits, and losses, as opposed to a ticker application of current quotes.

We would prefer someone who writes mobile apps as well, so that we can eventually have that integrated too.

We are looking for someone experienced and reliable who will be in close communication with us throughout the course of the project.

The user interface will be simple flat design.

We have plans for many updates and new features, so there is always going to be a need for more work. We look forward to working with you.

We need someone who is fun to work with, someone who is energetic and communicates well.

We need someone who will respond within minutes not hours or days. (We will take in consideration Time Zone differences)

We need a someone who doesn't just do what the client says and deliver work that they know is not what it should be.

You have to be able to back up your design and tell me why it is the way it is, how you know good design from bad design. We need someone who is very knowledgeable in the latest programing language.

We are looking for someone is confident and friendly to work with for future projects.

Please take the time to answer these following questions:

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