Web application performance engineering under linux & Virtual environments

Web application performance engineering under linux & Virtual environments


Job Description

First up two important things:

You MUST be living and working in either the Europe or Americas, No exceptions.

You MUST be conversational in English. Interview for position will be in English.

We are looking for skilled Linux systems administration to support customers installing http://aicache.com web acceleration software. These installations are on Linux dedicated boxes or on Amazon Web Services EC2 platform.

This is primarily systems administration, caching configuration using regular expressions and solid understanding of 3 tier modern web architecture. You should understand cookies, session management, load balancing and Cloud architecture as well as Dynamic Site Acceleration. A bonus if you have worked with test and measure.

You can look at our customer configuration tools here:
In general our engineers work with an old fashioned text editor of a single ascii text configurations file.

We need the ability to talk to technical customers via phone and Skype and to assist them in installing our software as a reverse proxy in front of their websites.

The admin guide for this work is found here: This job will require becoming familiar with and being able to support installation using the following manual with support form our engineering team.

You will have development support and other engineers to assist in complex environments but we are looking to you to be able to recommend architectures and best practices for complex deployments under AWS and other virtual environments.

Details of installations can be found here:

These installs are similar to ELB, HAproxy, Apache, Squid etc..

There is often general web configuration work. You need to know DNS, IP Configuration, scripting, and Linux tuning. You will need to to understand the concepts in the admin guide.

You would need good customer and language skills to coordinate times for installations and for supporting the customer teams in the implementations. There is an opportunity for long term employment here.

Installations are generally 4 to 8 hours of work and are scheduled to fit the customer and your convenience. The most important skill we are looking for is reliability and professionalism.

We are a young company and have a lot of flexibility but we need people who care about their work and are skilled at learning new environments.

Please include the word *monkey* in your response to indicate you read and understood the requirements.