Recreate customer's own old site design in Wordpress Dynamik (Catalyst child)

Recreate customer's own old site design in Wordpress Dynamik (Catalyst child)


Job Description

I need a Wordpress copy of my customer's old site (of this site: --to be revealed only to serious applicants-- ).

Please note, this is not illegal copying this is for customer himself.

- You make a wordpress site on WP 3.5.1
- The site must be developed in Dynamik Theme (Catalyst framework child)
- All subpages are to be of type page (no posts)
- The new version must be exactly as the original, functionally + look&feel
- You will use the images off the original site
- Any links OUT of the site you will copy as they are
- You set up the site so that it is placed & functional in a subdirectory "/se/" as in
- Please note this site is in a foreign language so you will have to copy+paste the contents with correct coding!
-All texts are to be texts, not image files
- Catalyst in responsive mode
- You will use identical class names and IDs in CSS
- However, if there are <div style=""> in the code, you will make these into CSS
- No additional plugins, only bare WP 3.5.1 and Catalyst are allowed in design

- Delivery: you will deliver the site so that in the delivery are:
1) PHPmyadmin zip of MySql database + tables
2) Zip file of site structure so that it can be unzipped + installed directly into site document root (so it unzips into correct subdir ie. /se/
3) Zip file containing Catalyst core export + Dynamik (with images included) export
4) I have own Catalyst so after making the site functional, you can set theme to Twentytwelve and uninstall Catalyst

Please apply for second round if you are interested in this type of work. After I tell you the site address, I will need a firm offer for the job. No hourly offers.

Rules: I have final decision to accept of decline if you are not able to produce the site as is described here. I will own all rights to work. The ready site will be delivered as per agreed schedule, you will include a time frame in you offer.

The offer that is fastest and cheapest is not always the best so please include references where you have done Dynamik site design. So I know you have read and understood these instruction, please start you offer with the word "paljastus".

After the delivery you must be available for additional work at separate hourly fee in case changes are needed due to customer requirements.

Please feel free to ask additional questions in your application.

Thank you for your interest in this job!

Skills: design