Affiliate Marketing Savvy Web Programmer

Affiliate Marketing Savvy Web Programmer


Job Description

(Type: YES as the first word of your application, to check if you read this.)

This is a time-sensitive job opening (a quick hire) and a programming job that requires careful attention to detail and focus.

If you are currently doing multiple jobs, please do not apply.

We are looking for individual(s) who can commit to completion and can communicate effectively.

Looking for a versatile web programmer who fits the following criteria:

1. PHP
2. Wordpress + Wordpress Multisite
3. MySQL
4. Jquery
5. CodeIgniter
6. Zend Framework
7. Yii
8. Other MVC Frameworks
9. JavaScript, AJAX
10. CSS3, HTML 5

You will also need to know the following:
(Please DO NOT apply if you have no clue about this industry as we do not have time to teach you affiliate marketing.)

1. Affiliate Marketing with Clickbank, JVZoo etc.
2. How affiliate tracking works
3. How to drop cookies or create sessions to track affiliate ID.
4. How to create a simple affiliate link tracking system from scratch.
5. Can creatively think of solutions to difficult situations in programming.
6. You think you are awesome and can put your talent to use, you work smart by thinking fast of other solutions or available platforms, then we welcome you.

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