PHP Membership Website (aMember)

PHP Membership Website (aMember)


Job Description

Skills and Requirements:
- PHP with Zend Framework and HTML_QuickForm2 experience
- aMember knowledge
- Available 40+ hours per week
- Payment processing experience
- Design experience
- WordPress theme experience
- 100+ hours on oDesk
- 4.5+ stars on oDesk
- Individuals only. No agencies.
- Proper English writing and reading skills

To make a membership websites based on aMember offering access to 3 scripts, a WordPress blog and a set of themes. This project has long term potential. Once you prove yourself with this contract, you may be hired to add more scripts, functions and features.

Project Components:
- Make a membership site with aMember that can process payments with the chosen payment processor of my choice.
- Create a WordPress theme that can be set to 25 different styles for businesses. Businesses will use these. The structure of the theme does not need to change, just the images, look and feel.
- Code a PHP script (script #1) to search and scrape Google Maps and Yelp for businesses. Result will be export as spreadsheet.
- Code a PHP script (script #2) where a user can enter in business details, and choose theme, and then export a mock-up design of that website as PDF. Also must be able to be done on mass-scale.
- Code a PHP script (script #3) that inserts user-entered strings into static strings on the server. Result will be several PDFs.
- Display several videos and articles that can be added, modified and removed by me at anytime. This can be done a number of ways. Choose the cleanest, most tidy way. WordPress is a possibility.

All PHP scripts, videos and articles must be only available from those registered in aMember. I will send a slightly more in depth job description if I see your application is good.

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