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I am currently in the process of trying to gather a database of nursing residency programs and am looking for a webmaster to create the backend of a website. I expect to have 500 entries with hospital names, city, state and program url. I would hope that the website can:

Demonstrate and allow users to manipulate the data as they see fit. I want them to search for hospitals and filter by state, city etc. This is important as it is by far the most important feature for nurses and will be the draw to the website.

In addition, I would like for users to be able to create their own non public profiles that I can access. I would hope to have names, schools, GPA, externship experience, hospitals of interest etc. I would hope to allow them to see a few entries first but would then they would be required to create a profile to see the whole database.

I am looking for someone that has had past experience with managing databases though if you think you can tackle this, I encourage you to apply.

In your cover letter, please state a couple past projects that you have worked on that are related, an estimation for the time that it would take and any other information that you think would be valuable.

If you would rather work on a budget for the project, that is fine too.

I would hope that an individual would be able to dedicate 40 hours a week to this venture.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.


Skills: cache-database

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