Simple HTML editing, SEO/marketing and splash page

Simple HTML editing, SEO/marketing and splash page


Job Description


I am new to Odesk this is my first job posting. After talking to some of you guys who have taken the time to reply to my job listing, I found out moving the whole site to Wordpress is a time consuming job and exceeds my plans for the project as it is not absolutely neccessary. It will remain with my hosting company.

So the new terms for the job is as follow:

Implementation of PayPal buy now button script, aweber, and a security script for the downloads area. All script will be provided so it`s basicly just to upload them in the correct places.

Splash page if that is possible would be nice for a giveaway video I got.

SEO on-site and off-site open for suggestions if there are other ways to give the site a boost in traffic.

The website in question is have a look I just uploaded it I have not done anything with it since I was planning on hiring.

The HMTL part would be to change the name: FROM: "L.L." (A Renegade Forex Expert) and the signature at the bottom.

Also all scripts will only be to copy paste in the approriate places you will get video to show where to place them if needed.

Have a look, if you are able to give a rough hourly estimate with the information given I would appreciate it.

Thanks again and sorry for any inconviniece.

Tor Bjoernstad

Skills: marketing