HMVC Codeigniter developer

HMVC Codeigniter developer


Job Description

We are a web development in the Philippines and we’re looking for PHP Codeigniter programmers who are familiar with the HMVC structure in Codeigniter. We are developing our own CMS system in Codeigniter and we are looking for additional members to join our team.

We have 3 types of tasks which have to be executed:

I. The development of new modules and functions
II. The improvement or bug release of existing modules and functions
III. Changing the skin of websites

For the management of projects we use in combination with Tortoise SVN. It is not possible for us to not use or not use Tortoise SVN because our team’s organization is based on these 2 platforms.

New developers who join our team are assigned work with a previously set maximum amount of money that will be paid for the task. The payment of the first 2 or 3 trial tasks will be post paid after the task has been completed successfully.

The hour rate depending on the speed of work and the number of times that we have to do QC is between $3.50 USD and $6.00 including oDesk fee. We are looking for developers who have the ability to QC their work before submitting it to us. The more rounds of QC we need to perform on the work the lower the hour rate will be.

The first tasks can be either assigned as fixed price based projects or as hour rate projects which are paid upon delivery. We do not make advance payments until the work is completed successfully.

It is important to understand that no changes in the HTML design are allowed or collapse in the W3C validation of the HTML files. It is therefore important that you have good knowledge of HTML

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