Mailchimp Expert Needed

Mailchimp Expert Needed


Job Description

I have a MailChimp account with an email list of 894 email addresses, I've sent out several campaigns to the list. The email responses come to my gmail account. I have spoken with some of these people over the phone. I need to segment the MailChimp list into people;

- who responded (to each campaign) with easy access to their response email
- who I spoke with over the phone

MailChimp provides information on people;

- who opened but did not respond
- who did not open
- who unsubscribed
- who complained

I am having trouble staying on top of the responses since there are so many (286) and need to segment the list so I can respond to them in segments based on our interaction thus far.

I am certain there is an easier way to do this, but I am not sure what it is. If you have experience with this or can make it work please apply.

I realize this is a small task that won't take the experienced Mailchimp user long at all...I am working on a much larger project and will keep whoever is able to complete this task well in mind for my team.

Skills: gmail, management