Editor/Proofreader/Ghostwriter Needed For Christian Book Series

Editor/Proofreader/Ghostwriter Needed For Christian Book Series


Job Description

I have about 280 pages that other editors have gone over and before print I need someone to give it a "LAST GO-OVER" and make any creative "corrections" that are needed for this "Limited Edition 4 Books In One" quick read.

Each book is no more then 78 pages. I just need someone to give me a break and go over this work and if a "Scripture or Additional Prayer Lengths" need to be made , you can help with that as well.

I have been going through some "Personal" issues and for a moment "I Almost Gave Up And Didn't Feel Worthy, However God's Grace Is Sufficient!" And if I Don't Complete This Work I Don't Think I Can Work On Anything Else Until I Am Finished With These Messages He Instructed Me To Put In Print.

I Have A "Limited Budget" However So Much Has Gone Into This I Have To "P.P.P.U.S.H!"
(Pray, Press And Push Until Something Happens!)

***Like Complete This Book***

What Would Help Is That You Have Access To "InDesign" or "Adobe Acrobat 9 or 10, That Way You Can See The Changes I Already Think Should Change.
One Of My Problems Came When The Book Was Sent To An "Interior Designer" Who Made Some Mistakes And While Doing The Layout She Left Some Scriptures, Number Of Scriptures Etc. Out!

So It Needs Someone Other Then Me To Help Me Keep "THE CONSISTENCY" Of The Book And Go Over It For The Last Time.

I've Seen Many Of Your "Profiles" An I Think Many Many Of You Be Able To Be A Blessing To Me And The Many Others Who Will Be Blessed By This Work Given To Me From God. I've Ministered These Messages In Person And Have Been Encouraged To Place Them In Writing. The Style Is Written The Way It Is To Keep "MY VOICE."

I Have Attached The First Book In A PDF Form.

Let Me Know If You Are Interested An I Will Send The "ENTIRE PROJECT" To You. I can convert if you are unable to these books back to the WORD MS version so you can work with them easier and make the necessary edits/ghostwriting if needed.

Truly Grateful,

Skills: pdf

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