Neeed some Quick help with my rails project

Neeed some Quick help with my rails project


Job Description

I am new to ruby on rails and I am having trouble with an application I am working on.. I am having trouble with controller variables being used on different views also I am having trouble allowing a user only to edit his post and his categories.. The user login was done without using a gem.. This should be fairly easy for a ruby expert .. this should not take more then 30 min so bid low.... I NEED THIS DONE ASAP LIKE BY TOMORROW.. All the files are being hosted in github so once you chose I will send you the github url so you can download the files.. Then you will send me the files I will check the work and release payment..

Happy bidding..... half an hour of work... to one hour of work.. needed

This will all be done by hand not using gems.. because I want to learn from the code you write so I can handle this problem myself next time