XMPP based chat system

XMPP based chat system


Job Description

I am looking for experienced developer to develop web based chat system like http://www.clickdesk.com/ .

Please study the concept behind it before you place the bid

I am going to develop the system in several steps and I will be hiring different people/team for different stages. I expect this project to be completed in 6 months time

(1) Core Architecture Development
Under this, I need to select programming lanugure and backed server

(2) Design and develop web application

(3) Design and develop billing system

(4) design and develop web site

I would like to hire individual or company who have 3+ years experience in XMPP based system development

Please contact me if you are interested. I will give you basic question set to eveluate your knowledge related to xmpp chat system

Best Regards

Skills: design, billing