Powerful American Male Voice for eBook VO

Powerful American Male Voice for eBook VO


Job Description

we are seeking a powerful, intellectual, middle age man for a voiceober of an ebook roughly 80 pages long. We are looking for the 'x' factor as we have 7 books total for this person to read.
we are looking for that 'break out' voice by the man just waiting for a chance to go from reading jingles to real themes. you will send us a complete and produce audio eBook.

send us:
1. your price for an 80 page ebook
2. turnaround time
3. read the below so we can hear your voice and pronounciation:

What are the differences between the OTCBB and Pink Sheets?
The OTC Bulletin Board is a network of many market makers, with each reporting current bids, offers, and completed trades to a centralized computer.
Pink sheet is a daily publication accumulated by the National Quotation Bureau with bid and asks prices of over-the-counter (OTC) stocks, including the market makers who trade them. The Pink sheets got their name because they were actually printed on Pink paper. The Pink sheets were initiated as a daily quote service provided by the National quotation bureau.
Stocks of small companies are generally traded on both OTCBB and Pink sheets. The stocks on both the OTCBB and Pink sheet are traded over the counter, but there is a significant difference between both the markets.
The companies usually suffering from two aspects are traded on OTCBB. The first aspect is that the company is delisted from the major stock exchanges. The company may be going through harsh times and fails to meet the listing requirement of the NASDAQ or NYSE then it will be delisted. It can also happen when the company is undergoing financial crisis. The other type of companies is small companies failing to comply with the listing requirements of the big stock exchanges. These two types of companies, however, need to meet some listing requirements of SEC filing and minimum requirements set by the OTCBB.

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