Staff Assistant for Copywriting Company - MUST Be A Good Writer!

Staff Assistant for Copywriting Company - MUST Be A Good Writer!


Job Description

Staff Position: Staff Assistant for Copywriting Company

We are looking for motivated individuals from any country. The only request we have when hiring outside the US, to be upfront, is that the candidate have an American sounding voice. This is just a preference for our clients. Our company relies on a reputation, and unfortunately some clients have stereotypes of certain regions. (We don't agree with them! ;)

Perks: You will be a featured staff member on our about page and have your own email. Pay: We are looking to pay someone around $150 a week to start with a week of training and getting familiar with everything at that pay, and then $200 steadily once training is completed. Training: You'll work with our two staff members and myself to learn how to fill the position.

We would need someone to fill in:

1) As Content Coordinator when our coordinator is out, which is 3pm - 9pm daily CENTRAL TIME (USA). This would entail logging in and sending the EDITED work to our clients. There may be very little work to send out sometimes at these times, but to have someone available at these times is important. We need this availability time daily, Mon-Sat. Even if it means you are able to login a few times throughout those hours to check, that is great.

2) As Sales Leader to assist our current full time Sales Leader. You would bid for jobs for us on Elance. You may also email our clients sometimes. You will receive a dedicated email inbox. For Elance bidding, you would follow the direction of our Sales Leader and apply to at least 30 jobs daily. Our Sales Leader has noticed there's been fewer good jobs on Elance, so you have to go through more until you find some good ones to apply. And this takes more time. We need someone to help her bid on jobs daily. Also, when there are many leads and messages, our current Sales Leader doesn't have enough time to send out 30 bids or more.

3) Take phone calls on our extension. We get 1-3 calls/day from existing clients. You'll be a phone extension after 1-2 weeks of working as a Staff Assistant just on #1 & #2.

Note: You can also maintain a room in the system as a writer and pick up any additional writing work if you would like, as long as you can maintain the new staff position. Our current writing tasks pays $50/5000 words.

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