Picture gallery making script needs an UPGRADE

Picture gallery making script needs an UPGRADE


Job Description

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The script will be used for ADULT content. So if you are not comfortable with adult content, please don't apply!

I have an old Gallery Making script done in Perl, that was upgraded in the past a couple of time. I need a new feature added to the script.

1. Right now the gallery at the end of the process creates a index.html file. I would like the script to still create the original index.html file, plus two or three additional *.html files with some custom code on top in each *.html file. Basically it needs to create index.html, index1.html, index2.html and index3.html where index1 index2 and index3 have a custom code.

The job is very easy to do and more info will be sent once you apply.

I will let you see the gallery files once you apply for the job.

Looking forward to your replays.