Sphinx Expert

Sphinx Expert


Job Description

We need someone who can undertake some work on sphinx full text search for us.

Right now we have 3 servers running Sphinx under linux.

The job is to: a) create one sphinx config from all the existing ones so we can rationalise onto one server; and b) to implement sphinx updates - right now we rebuild each index using --rotate each time. We understand there is a "update" option which simply updates the index rather than re-creating it.; lastly c) review the config of sphinx to ensure we are getting the best performance from it.

The "update" part of the job is because sphinx is killing the performance of our DB server when it builds large indexes.

Please note we require a quote we do not pay hourly,l and we do not pay up front fees.

So please ignore the budget and give us a quote to do this. We can give you sight of the configs if needed.