Web Automation and Crawling - Python or Ruby Desired

Web Automation and Crawling - Python or Ruby Desired


Job Description

I need a programmer that can make a FULLY automated script that runs on my Linux (CentOS) server. The bot needs to be able to register unlimited accounts on fiverr.com, confirm the email address (via POP3 with Hotmail addresses that I import), and then perform a series of steps once inside the account. For further information on how I want the bot to act, see this thread -- this is almost exactly what I want (minus the mass mailer, I don't want that) :


Some specifications on the bot itself (but not limited to, further discussion will be talked about) :

1. Must be able to use public/private proxies. One account per IP -- if an IP dies or something, must replace with a different unused IP.
2. Multi-threaded
3. Undetectable (anti-bot measures)
4. Must be 100% automated besides the initial user input ("I want to create 10 accounts with these 10 private proxies" -- go)
5. Must use non-browser automation wherever possible. If it can be automated with simple HTTP requests only, then this is what I want. Otherwise we can look into Selenium, PhantomJS, etc

Admin UI/Dashboard Specifications:

1. Must use the Twitter Bootstrap framework to 'wrap' the admin UI. (wrapbootstrap.com theme)
2. Must allow multiple users to log in and use this system independently
3. Must integrate PayPal IPN to give user's their membership username and password once they pay to use this system
4. Must have a separate 'admin-only' access login that has extra features -- importing proxies, emails, etc
5. Must have tables for everyone that shows how the accounts are doing, etc, as well as the ability to control the created accounts individually
6. And more that will need to be discussed...

Let me know if you have any questions :). Additional specifications will be given to suitable candidates. Please include your experience in this kind of automation and these kind of projects, as well as what programming language you plan to use and WHY. Thank you!

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