Join the Excion Team as a remote Web Developer

Join the Excion Team as a remote Web Developer


Job Description

*******Please do not apply if you cannot meet ALL the requirements below. Applicant must have some experience with all tools********

*******Please indicate that you will be able to meet all requirements below in your application to be considered***********

*******No Agencies, only individuals*************

We are looking for an individual who has skills in: HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, Linux/Apache systems, Mercurial and Project Management. We are looking for an individual who is willing to use the following tools: Asana, WordPress, WordPress P2 (for Project Management), BitBucket, Email, and IM. We need someone who is available 9am-4pm Standard Mountain Time (Arizona) to work with team on projects.

Good English speaking skills will have to be shown and a short Skype Interview will be required before hire.

**Will be required to start on work immediately as you learn our working tools and environment**


1. Needed for immediate work, will begin work immediately after hire- expecting you to catch on quickly and get to work as soon as possible
2. Tight work daily with the current team: Aubrey & Jeff
3. Will work on things during 9am - 4pm Standard Mountain Time (Arizona) with Jeff and Aubrey over IM, we expect you to be messaging us about things you need, etc via Skype or IM during this time to accomplish tasks daily.
4. Work at least 6 hours a day on work we have in Asana. We are counting on you contributing 6 hours a day to us.
5. Tracking time using Toggl. Every two weeks we will payout the hours you've logged in Toggl. Will be added to a team and projects will have to be selected for your work. (Can track via oDesk)
6. Be available every morning around 8:30am-9am Standard Mountain Time (Arizona) for a daily meeting via Skype/Hangout about how to use your day.
10. Quick learner, will start off with very little information, but Aubrey & Jeff will be available to help with learning new things and getting information to you.
11. Need to be able to use WordPress P2 sites to view discussions with clients about requirements. No communication with clients will be done by hired party, and any communication with clients will have to be done via Jeff or Aubrey. Expected to communicate any needs to Jeff and Aubrey so they can communicate with the clients about the need.