iOS - Mobile app development

iOS - Mobile app development


Job Description

I am starting the development of two applications for iOS and am searching for a developer whose work will allow me to bring my concepts to market. To make this happen, I need to find a developer (or team of developers) who:
1. Is intimately versed in iOS development and the capabilities of the operating system;
2. Builds confidence among his/her constituents because of his trustworthiness, discipline, and professionalism

The developer must not only prize deadlines, but be able to deliver quality as well. As the creative force behind this enterprise, I need to depend on your technical expertise and be able to work as a team. I will bring the ideas, the design but as the developer, you will be responsible for the execution and providing feedback on how to improve the vision.

Longer-term, my goal is to find someone who can help me with the development of all my future projects. Although phase one of the development will focus on iOS, developers that have experience in porting to Android will be appreciated.

I am looking for someone ambitious who is ready to be a stakeholder in a new business and who full appreciates the power that mobile applications unleash.

The two applications I am currently looking to develop fall broadly into the “utility” category. As such they should not require extensive expertise in graphic design. I am currently working on a brief detailing all of the content to be included in the application, upon completion of which, I will review all of the details with the graphic artist so that he can start working on some initial renderings. When this work is complete, all collateral will be sent to the developer to begin coding. To ensure proper development and an appropriate flow of information, it is important to find a developer before the preparatory work is complete so that developer feedback can be incorporated early in the process.

Initially, I would prefer to work on a fixed budget based on the pre-defined scope of the project. Depending on the outcome of the first applications, conditions could evolve.

Payment will be issued on a milestone basis.

Program knowledge and skills required
Cocoa Touch
Great English (comprehension and communication)
Flexible with schedule if in another time zone

For future projects, experience with the following operating systems and programming languages would be helpful:

Please e-mail me to express interest and forward any work history/portfolio information. Include any questions or concerns. A skype call will be organized with candidates to be able to answer both parties questions and concerns as well as to delve deeper in the projects details.

Many thanks and I am looking to work with a great developer out there!

Skills: design, english