Magento shopping site

Magento shopping site


Job Description

I'm looking for a site that mimicks in functionality. Basically I want a site where people can sell & buy themes.

I prefer:

1. People who give me statusupdates every 2 days and a weekly Skype call
2. People who upload working code during the project so we can track progress
3. Honest to the point communication
4. Excellent knowledge of English
5. A single developer or point of contact

My Server setup:
- Ubuntu Linux 12.04 (
- Nginx (


Description of the project

It's not a complex project it's a shopping cart style site geared for selling themes.

I'm looking for someone who already has some experience in this type of sites so they have either code to start from or the knowledge to get something up and running quickly to build upon.

Please answer the questions below when you apply :

How would you handle the payment of the theme authors and the site owner (money needs to be split between theme authors and the site owner)?

Are multiple paymentgateways possible?

How would you deal with the uploading/display of the themes as that is different from most ecommerce sites as I won't have physical goods but digital content?

Skills: english, linux