Simple LED Circuit Design and 3D Modeling

Simple LED Circuit Design and 3D Modeling


Job Description

We are looking to hire someone with electronics experience, PCB design experience and 3D modeling experience (preferably Solidworks).

What we are trying to do is design a BASIC two LED circuit that can be turned on and off (yes that is it!). The PCB will need to be as small as possible (size of a dime), although the LEDs need to be bright so they can be seen during the day. I would like an onboard battery to power the unit (the smallest battery that you can find to keep the overall circuit to no greater than a dime-but square/rectangular in shape). The LEDs do not necessarily need to be mounted on the PCB to save space and can be connected with short wires if needed

The second portion of this project would be to design a housing to fit the LED circuit. I would like for it to look like the front end of a car and will resemble a "bumper" with "headlights". The PCB and LED's will be mounted into the inside of the bumper to resemble the headlights of a car. The housing will need some discrete way to hide mounting screws. Preferably, the design will have two mounting screws (one on each side of housing) which can then be hidden by a sticker or overlay on the front of the housing. I would like the PCB to snap into the inside of the housing.

Proper completion of project will consist of obtaining gerber files for PCB, submitting component part numbers used, submitting all schematics and documentation when complete and obtain solidworks files for housing- including a .STL file for printing prototypes.

Attached are basic scope and specifications of project.

Skills: design