Reseller web design and web development required

Reseller web design and web development required


Job Description



Currently Rackspace hosting offers Cloud Servers to their re-sellers through their partner network.

However their re-sellers are forced to manage multiple control panels for both managed servers, core servers, UK and US. This is then made more complex by the fact that they cannot create customers in the control panel and have to name the servers after their customers, create spreadsheets to know how much they need to bill etc.

What we plan to do is essentially integrate all of the RS cloud into one centralised control panel, US and UK, core and managed cloud accounts (4 in total) and this would be achieved by using the API's The reseller can then just log into one CP, create a customer and spin up servers in the necessary geography etc, and understand what that single customer is billing.

What is required:

We need an organisation to help us build the control panel, web design and development. We also need help with the branding and identity also (web design and development)

Outline of functionality:

The website will be a typical SAAS homepage, something sleek and simple like, there should be a video, about us, faq's and all the usual suspects.

Of course where it all gets complex is the back end CP development.

We will need the customers to be able to create their accounts and once logged in be able to create customers. They should be able to fill in customer details, company name, primary contacts, phone number etc

They will also need to see how much at a high level the end customer is spending, and I would also like to explore if we can build in a premium service to allow the resellers to bill the end customers for services rendered (using a service like We will also need resellers to be able to set their own pricing for the end client.

Once they're clicked into a particular customer account Ideally we would want to replicate all the functionality of the RS open cloud CP so the the reseller can administer the servers and what have you themselves (should the customer not wanting to manage their own solution). OR there will need to be a separate url with an SSL log in (to a client facing CP) which the reseller can give the customer should they want to manage their own cloud servers and services (again see how much they owe - based on the resellers set rate).

The customers will need to be able to raise support tickets, through zend-desk? For the resellers to see. The resellers will also need to raise support tickets for us to view for support. We will then escalate that to rackspace or deal with it internally.

We will need to be able to bill the client on a monthly basis if they are on the paid service, and this all be integrated into the development process (again using chargify)

Reporting will be useful, a dashboard for us to see usage in terms of customer numbers, dig into #servers #billing.

Phase two will be also integrating Amazon Web Services into the control panel to allow resellers to manage multiple cloud accounts and customers in one loctation so the CP needs to be developed to a point where we can add on this kind of functionality.

Currently we are in the process of securing funding and so we need to understand that cost of the design and development to fit into our business plan. We will look to start development fairly soon.

If you're interested let us know and we will also be contacting other agencies that have been recommended to us so come back ASAP.

Skills: design, video, billing