Web Developer

Web Developer


Job Description

We need a developer or dev team to complete a web application project.

Must be proficient in:
PHP 5 (you will be using PHP 5.3)
Zend Framework
Subversion (SVN) for version control

In addition to being proficient in developing secure PHP applications using the Zend framework and JQuery, the ideal candidate/team will also need to have proficiency with CSS and design.

Mock-ups and specs are available. Developments will be done on a modular basis, meaning instead of developing the whole project we will contract out for a set of modules. We are doing this to ensure that we get the right person/team.

The first contract will be to build a sign up and login page. Users will be able to register via username and password, or via their Facebook accounts. The module will include:

-- installing and configuring zend framework on server
-- registration page
-- registration confirmation page
-- sign-in page
-- forgot password page

Along with the actual pages will be processes, such as confirming account registration.

If done satisfactorily, we will rehire for more module development.

Skills: facebook