Magento print site

Magento print site


Job Description

Here is an initial brief for you to familiarise yourself with the job in hand.

We would like you to help us to set up an art print and art services e-commerce site.

We have already made a start and have an initial framework set up using Magento Community with the Zeta prints web to print extension installed.

After investigating the Zeta prints extension we have decided that their format is too limiting and not what we require. What we would like you do to for us is to make a simple extension similar to the zeta prints but far less complex in that the client will be able to choose the product (plus 2 product attributes in the print section) and then upload a high res image file associated with the product they have bought. The image should be uploadable in either .jpg .tiff or .psd and may be of a large size. The upload should be secure and not interfere with the security of our site.

I have attached a very rough suggested layout for the "printing" page. We can change this as required.


Our site will eventually offer 3 kinds of products to our artist clients.

1. Printing

2. Archiving of artist's original artworks.

3. Web hosting and ecommerce facilities.

However initially we will only be setting up the printing side of the business and will show the other 2 types of product on separate information only pages accessed via a tab system.

So currently we just want you to work with us on the printing page.

Printing - The site will allow customers to upload an image as a high quality file to our server and then choose what paper quality and how many copies of the print they would like to buy.

First the client will choose print size and quantity (they can choose more than one size and as many copies as they want). The choices are:

A5 X Quantity

A4 X Quantity

A3 X Quantity

A2 X Quantity

A1 X Quantity

A0 X Quantity

Then the client will choose which paper type they want:

170gsm matte

310gsm matte

170gsm pearl

170gsm gloss

310gsm Canvas - Un-Stretched (supplied on a roll)

310gsm Canvas - Stretched (supplied on a frame)

At this point the price will be calculated and shown to client.

Then client will upload image file to our server (via a secure upload module).

Then client will then "add to basket":

The client will be able to repeat the process for the next picture and so on.

The client will then go to checkout where delivery costs will be calculated. (we will allow for discount and promotional codes for certain clients)

We will then accept payment (initially via Paypal and similar payment gateways).

An invoice will then be sent to the client.

Upon dispatch of product, a dispatch notice will be sent to client.

5 days after dispatch a request for confirmation of delivery and customer satisfaction survey will be sent to client.

It would be good if we can schedule a Skype call to discuss how to proceed. please let me know a convenient time for this.

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