Make additions to existing website

Make additions to existing website


Job Description

We are a real estate marketing company that builds and develops over 100 online profiles for different buildings every year. We are looking to build a relationship with a few web developers and designers.

We need someone to make some small changes to our existing website. This is done using Jquery and HTML5. We would like to use a minimal amount of flash.

1. On our floor plans page, we would like an option that allows the user to click on the floor plan and enlarge it to the extends of the screen so it is readable. when hovering over it, the floor plan illuminates around the border and says click to enlarge.

2. We would like a tab on all floor plans that says views and when you click on it, you are able to pan through the views picture from that level. See

3. Would like to increase the speed of loading page in beginning without decreasing quality of images from the rest of the website. loading page does not preload entire website.

4. make small text changes on the team page

5. putting back buttons on some pages such as each of the pages on amenities and each of the pages in interiors

6. add fade in and out when changing pages. also when hovering over different tabs or buttons to click. like this website :

Skills: marketing