Translation from italian

Translation from italian


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Translation, Editing and control of a story to a maximum of 220 pages novel format (Arial 12), from Italian into English, by different people qualified mother tongue English.
The Synopsis of the story and the presentation of its author is as follows:
Afghan girls, war stories and love narrated in the knots of a carpet: The book narrates the story of an Iranian rug merchant and Azar, an Afghan girl in Herat, which took place during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in the eighties.
Hossein, the merchant, goes to his country of origin to visit relatives and to buy rugs to sell in Italy, where he has lived since the late sixties. Upon his arrival he discovers that in addition to carpets with traditional d├ęcor, are circulating on the market carpets with designs ever seen. Intrigued by the descriptions, he began to research. The survey will take him to Dogharon, the Iranian refugee camp on the Afghan border where hundreds of Afghans have fled after the Russian invasion.
In the camp he meet Arash, the clan chief of the Afghan Kuroshi Do-Ab, his young daughter Azar and other girls: the young Neda, the weaver Ozra that tells the incredible story of Najibe, an eleven year old girl who is dragged along with her mother from the presidential Palace to prison.
Hossein enters their homes to view knotted rugs by Azar and Ozra, he will be surprised by the designs and motifs, never seen before. Curious, he wants to buy their products and discover the mystery of the strange drawings. He will leave their homes not only with the carpets, but with the awareness of the suffering endured by the families, and many more. The carpet becomes the main character that narrates the adventures and the pain of a People. Azar, the young weaver, is the witness of the painful events that will lead to creating carpets for a living, but they are unique pieces that tell her story just like the painting of a painter. The laces of wool of various colors form the nodes, and replace the brush.
Neda, the sixteen year old, is another great female figure. Neda and Siavash dream about getting married since they were children. During the trip to escape to the mountains, their love and their story evolves into the most sentimental pages of the book.

Hossein Fayaz in this story, made up of many stories that intersect like knots in a carpet, addresses a number of topical issues, telling Iranian customs of the people who live on the border of Europe and have always been the interlocutors of the Europeans, and we know very little about them in the West.
The author, for each episode narrated, is inspired by real life. The book is not an autobiography, but often the moments that have a direct connection with the theme of the story are retraced.
Also the end of dictators is always the same. In the story of Najibe, the eleven year old daughter of the Minister of Health Afghan Ziri is narrated the grip of armed palace of President Amin in Kabul by the Soviets and his killing. At the same time, democracy and peace are still missing and the old tyrants are replaced with new, grown and protected by forces outside the country.
Siavash's younger brother Azar and his flame Neda, dream of their future in Europe. But Hossein dissuades them, explaining what problems young people meet when leaving their homeland, dreaming to live freely in countries where an immigrant is often seen as an invader, where the idea of a multiethnic community is put to the test.
The book is enriched by three substantial final chapters: "Glossary of Persian terminology (Farsi Dari) used in the story", "History of the most important historical events that took place in Iran and Afghanistan, from 1499 to the Present" and "A Conversation with Hossein Fayaz ".
Hossein Fayaz was born in Kashmar (Iran) in 1943, and moved to Italy in 1967. Ex-importer of Persian rugs, is now a writer and essayist.
Among his works: 'I am a Muslim in Italy'; 'The Persian carpet: Eastern culture and society at home'; 'East and West - Dialogue between two friends.'
April 9, 2013.

Skills: english