Tally Backlog Data Entry

Tally Backlog Data Entry


Job Description

- We are am import/export perfume trading company implementing Tally since June 2012 and looking to plug all the gaps/backlogs in the Tall ERP 9 System

- Remote access will be given to our PC via Teamviewer and for the first few hours there will be a supervisor (me ) at our end of the connection

- Raw data will be sent in scanned copies of the journal and inventory log.

-There are approx 30 - 50 transactions permonth and the number of data entry points for an Invoice are as follows:
- Invoice Number
- Date
- Party's Account Name
- Sales Ledger (Cash or Credit)
- Name of Item ( 1 - 30 items per invoice)
- Quantity
- Rate

- A successful engagement will involve 2 - 4 hours of traning from my side followed by 15 - 30 hours of work depending on speed, and the outcome will be a full tally of the sales figures from the hardcopies and the Tally.

- Reconcilation to be done at the end of the project if everything goes smoothly.

- This is a permanent stream of work for many years in the future as once the backlog is completed we will keep submitting the weekly or daily data entry job to you directly from my accountant to your email. I want to free up my time for business development meetings and sales calls.

- Please send me your questions