Premium SMS Payments API Code

Premium SMS Payments API Code


Job Description

• API code has been provided by the Mobile Phone Payment Company which needs to integrate nicely into the website
• Beautification of pages and structure of website.
• Able to create a basic cartoon logo for front of website.
• We take payments from mobile phones via premium sms.
• Each user requires to become a member
• Mobile phone numbers need to be authorised via sms generation to authenticate
• Need to have an organised system to organise and track payments coming in and any account details.
• Easily adjustable/upgradable website
• Code must have clear details/notes
• No errors in finished code
• Website must be refined and intelligently constructed
• A basic piece of member account information may be required on each page (such as account balance number)
Read below a summary of the main pages and a summary of the work required.

Page 1; home page – this will include a simple sign in feature and the ability to create a new account for members.

Page 2; requires a basic calculation of up to 3 different inputs, programmed to show an amount. This will also require details to make a mobile payment. A popup type screen will be required to complete the funds transaction via the mobile phone. (Payment requires a special sms to process payments; API code will have some of these features).

Page 3; account details page, each members account details will need to be stored and some details shown on this page. This page is where mobile numbers can be added and verified via sms and code entry (this may be done with a type of popup window), also address, banking and PayPal details are optionally added without verification.