Ruby on Rails SaaS Membership Billing Module Implementation

Ruby on Rails SaaS Membership Billing Module Implementation


Job Description

We are looking for a RoR experienced developer to add a billing module to an existing proyect.

We have a SaaS website that will give the possibility of different membership programs and also a free trial option to the customers.
The idea it's to install a Rails gem that could do this work and also have the ability to handle correctly the sudden changes of membership program, and make the corresponding database changes.

The project it's still on development phase so there is no data to migrate, and you can change the database if needed.

With a little research we have found a module that seem to be the one we need, but we also accept others suggestions, off course they have to be justified

Developers who had made a similar job will have advantage upon the others, so don't forget to send examples of similar (hopefully identical) work.
Also experience in Heroku will be considered.

The only requirement is to integrate this or another module into the already built code. Not to finish the whole project.

Skills: billing