3D Photoshop CAD Designer Solar Roof

3D Photoshop CAD Designer Solar Roof


Job Description

Our company is a new start up having completed 6 years of R&D on a revolutionary roof integrated solar tile.

We are seeking a talented designer with skills in CAD\3D\Photoshop Graphic Design who can take our existing real life product photos and turn this into a 3D finished roofing product to demonstrate a real life example.

It would also be helpful if the candidate has a background in technical drawing specifically with a building\archictectual\solar background as these skills could be utilised for future ongoing work.

We have an urgent project that requires a designer to take our product images and convert to a 3d roof example to be overlaid on an existing rel life house image ready for marketing collateral development.

If you have the relavent experience and possess excellent english communication ability we would love to receive your expression of interest outlining your skills and background experience\portfolio examples that will assist us in determining your suitability for this exciting project.

For some background knowledge on our business please visit our website www.tractile.com.au

Skills: design, english, graphics, scalable-vector-graphics