2D/3D designer for Unity3D game

2D/3D designer for Unity3D game


Job Description

Hi everyone.
I`m looking for 3D artist/designer for a little indie mobile game.
There isn't much graphic content - visaul part will be based on minimalistic models, some effects and couple of shaders. All I need now is one simple textured bike model, maybe some particles and effects, couple of materials and simple design for UI stuff.
Game setting is some mix of "Tron" world, outer space, or even something abstract. And no, it's not a clone of classic tron arcade with lightcycles :)
Examples of design that I want: Gnop Gnop, SpeedX

-Experience in Unity3D will be advantage
-Knowlege of shaders will be nice.

Feel free to reply with some demos and your approx price :)


Skills: games