WordPress plugin to send emails based on Rezgo API

WordPress plugin to send emails based on Rezgo API


Job Description

1. Allow the user to save their Rezgo CID and API Key (similar to the
current Rezgo Online Booking plugin) on a plugin settings page.


The plugin settings page should provide the user with the URL that they will need to add to their Rezgo account in order to receive web hook notifications.

2. Allow the WordPress plugin user to pull current tours and options (SKUs) from Rezgo using the "Search inventory" XML message.


3. The current inventory name/sku will be stored in the plugin for easy reference and can be refreshed by the user on demand.

4. Allow the user to create custom content for each tour/option that is stored. This is the email message that would be sent to the customer after a booking is made. The custom content should support variables for booked for date and first name and last name of the customer.

5. Accept a web hook call from Rezgo. Rezgo will push an XML message to the WordPress plugin. The web hook returns a search bookings XML message.


6. Based on the tour/option in the web hook call, the plugin will send the custom content associated with that tour/option to the customer email address (also provided in the webhook call).

7. Log the email as sent in the plugin

I will pay for the initial creation of the plugin but this plugin would be hosted on the WordPress site and be provided as free and open source (BSD or equivalent) once developed. Ideally, I would like the developer to maintain the plugin and provide customizations (for a fee) if desired.