US Phone Lead Generation / Pay-per-call

US Phone Lead Generation / Pay-per-call


Job Description

Hello Contractors,

I have a unique project here.
I have a campaign I am trying to promote.
So this is a 'Phone Lead-Generation' project.
I am trying to generate targeted calls!
All calls must be in the USA for now (there will be a new project for

I will Pay per generated calls coming within the region of the US
Obviously, it cannot be a 1 second call.
Any methods, techniques, etc... are welcomed. Including (and NOT limited to):
Mobile Traffic, Mobile Ad Network, Search engines (as Google Ad Words), phone lead-generation, etc...

I will pay per call and we will negotiate the deal between us. It could be a good deal.
ONLY an example: If it's $1 per call, imagine you get 50 calls today!? That's 50$ in one day.

Please contact me for negotiation once you have a strategy and can perform well in this task.