Exclusive Project for Android PRO Developer

Exclusive Project for Android PRO Developer


Job Description

Do you want to have a success story in your portfolio?

We have same kind idea like Angry Bird or Temple Run. And we are looking for a highly skilled developer to bring our idea to life.

Development of the most advanced way to prank people using animated social mobile app. Goal is to provide epic fart sending and receiving emotion when sending fart-messages. We aim to reach TOP10 and stay there for 6 months in Google Play Entertainment category.

Introductory specification:

1. Androids screens to be developed (please message for more detailed information):

Choose fart
Send fart
Get more (buy credits)
Top farts
Fart stats
Login/create user/remind password
Pop-up screens

2. Features (please message for more detailed information):

Synchronization of animation and recording when playing and sending fart-messages
Integration with FB and Twitter
Sound recording, spectrogram visualization
Editing (Cut)
In app purchases
Internal currency
Graph to visualize recordings quantity per month
Connection with SMS Gateway to send anonymous SMS
Connection with e-mail service to send anonymous E-mail messages

3. Web (and server) part (www.fartyourfriend.com):

User creation, login, password reminder
User profile and extraction to apps
Recording saving into server, playing, feedback, likes
Website, where sounds recorded on app are played
Video and recording synchronization

4. Current status (30% to alpha):

Currently we have app java source code with sound recording, encoding to AAC, and spectrogram visualization. There is Java code, JNI libraries with C code, etc. For compilation android SDK, and android NDK should be used.

We need to continue development.

When applying, please answer:

1. Do you have all competencies needed for development?
2. How much hours it would take for you?
3. What could be the approximate total price?
4. When would you expect to start and finish the project?
5. Please provide TOP 3 most relevant works accomplished.
6. Please provide 3 referrals (contact information) from your previous customers with relevant works accomplished.

Thank you.


Enjoy trailer:

Skills: android-sdk

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