Online Laundry Service Website - Ruby on Rails

Online Laundry Service Website - Ruby on Rails


Job Description

We are a small dry cleaning business looking to let customers set appointments up online and authorize credit cards.

Our current website :

Here is a general guideline line of what I want the website to be.

Functions: Customer chooses from different products they need have us pick up and washed. e.g. 1 coat, 2 suits. Big icons arranged in a grid formation shows different products/clothes categories.

Customer clicks on "coat" icon (the coat icon will fade and behind it will show a form/list to ask how many of that item) and chooses 1, it will add to cart. Customer clicks on jacket/blazer chooses 2, adds to cart. Customer clicks on pants chooses 2 adds to cart. Customer then clicks on checkout/schedule pick up. Customer is shown dates a week in advance. Customer picks a day, times will drop down, customer picks a time. At that time if the customer is not already signed in, they will be asked to either fill out an address for the place of pick up for a new account, or sign in and have saved addresses to choose from. Customer will put down credit card information and have it authorized for that amount. Customer can log into account, view order status, cancel pick up, edit addresses.

Design: Very simple design.
Here's what we want our home page to look like: