PHP web developer

PHP web developer


Job Description

We have an existing php web service which we need to enhance. When called from a remote server, the file creates and/or logs in users to a MySQL database, and returns certain data to the remote server via SOAP web service.

We need this web service to return not only the current data, but also more detailed, granular data which is available in the MySQL db. A sample of this file along with more detailed requirements will be provided to short-listed candidates so you will fully understand what's involved in the project.

- Unix/Linux (You must be perfectly at ease operating within a Linux environment using the shell. The server is running Ubuntu 12.04 and no desktop GUI is or will be installed)
- Must be well versed in C programming
- Solid PHP expertise
- MySQL (The application's database is in MySQL, so obviously a critical component for success)
- SOAP: A good understanding of REST (GET/POST requests) may also be helpful