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Web Design


Job Description

I would like to have a mock of a new website. This will replace my old website at: http://www.shirtsandsweatshirts.com/. Below is what the changes I need for new look of my website.
I like to change all the background red colors such as categories, shop buy’s to light blue/Grey. I want the light blue faded to white color on the bottom. Something similar to linktuob.com.

1) Remove the top heather where my logo, phone and screen printing banner is and create a white heather approximately 80 pixels height.
2) On the top right corner of white heather please add:
Twitter Icon, Face book icon, My Account | Sign In | Shopping Cart (with image of a shopping cart). Same as this website: http://www.booksamillion.com/?id=5233577988449
3) Underneath the Log In, Shopping Cart etc. please add Customer Service. 888-203-2392 in plain bold text.
4) On the left side of the phone # on the heather, please add a wide search box.
5) To the left of heather will be totally a new logo. Please leave black for now.

Left Navigations
6) Remove the Norton logo under the search box on the top left and lift the categories up.
7) Change all the red color on the left nav. such as Shop by category, Custom Services, Testimonial to simple light Blue/Grey.
8) Remove Shop by Price – Shop by Brand – Shop by Style. These will replace the top navs. (See below for more instruction where to move them.)

Top Navigations
9) Remove all the Navs on the top in red such as Home, about us, etc all the way to the payment logos. Replace them with new light Blue/Grey tabs “Shop by Price – Shop by Brand – Shop by Style – New Arrivals – Sale and Clearance” with an arrow facing down on each tab something similar to this website. I like it little designer looking tabs. http://www.toolup.com/t-categories.aspx
10) Please remove the Yahoo Logo and a copy of the big Norton Logo under read our blog and move them to the bottom of the page next to where I have my payment logos.
11) Remove the read our blog banner.
12) At the bottom of the page where it says home | Shipping | etc…. Please make them all same background color as the light blue/grey.
13) On the top “where it says Join our mailing list” Please add a nice call to action logo and text saying “Join our mailing list for new arrivals, sales & promotions.” Please make this look professional and eye catching.
14) Change all the fonts of categories and everything else to Calibri font.
15) Change the featured Products background to the light blue/grey color and change the font to Calibri. I like to have the corner rounded up. Not too square looking and please make 30 pixels in height.
16) Combine the big home page banner with the two on the left side as one to a banner size of 780 W x 350 H. Also Instead of the rotating banners I want to have a sliding banner with an arrow on the right . Something similar to this website:
Please Note: I will create the banners myself; I just want you to show the design and the arrow.

17) In need your expertise on this. We offer Custom Screen Printing and Embroidery. I would like to have two tabs created somewhere visible on the top right of the website. Would you please create something like that. Possibly this could go on the right side of the shop by prices in tabs different color.

Thanks and please let me know if you have any questions.

Skills: design, banner, twitter, yahoo